Crème Si Bon

is all about “Pleasing Your Palate."

Hello, my name is Jenny Ng. I come from generations of pastry makers and my passion is making the finest European pastries. Over the years, I've refined many of my recipes and techniques, and am committed to using the highest quality ingredients to make the pastries and desserts that would highlight their flavors and texture. Even though it's time intensive, all of our pastries and desserts are handmade and baked at our shop.  

As a local resident in the tri-valley, we're excited that we've the opportunity to serve these delectable treats in our community and beyond. We also love the fact that many of our customers are coming from near and far, and even sending our French macarons to friends and family in other States.  We appreciate many of your positive feedback and support, I continue to be humbled and create new pastry treats for you.