Artisan Pastries & Cakes

Individual serving size: $3.00 - $5.25 each
Whole Mousse Cake: From $28 and up
Whole Buttercream or Whipped Cream Cake: From $25 and up


Hand-made European-inspired pastries made with the highest quality ingredients. Flavorful and just the right amount of sweetness. These heavenly desserts are available in individual serving size or whole cake from 6" to half-sheet. Orders are accepted.



Most popular cake flavors:

Opera Cake

Lemon Mousse Cake

Hazelnut Dacquiose Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Vanilla Mousse Cake

Lemon Mousse with Passion Fruit Glaze

Raspberry Chocolate Roll Cake


Lychee Coconut Mousse Cake

Orange Raspberry Mousse Cake

Mango Mousse Cake

Lemon Tart

Light Cheese Cake with Red Currant

Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake

We can also customize cakes and flavors to meet your catering needs.